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Autor (down) Lokke, H.; Bak, J.; FalkengrenGrerup, U.; Finlay, R.D.; Ilvesniemi, H.; Nygaard, P.H.; Starr, M. url  openurl
  Titel Critical loads of acidic deposition for forest soils: Is the current approach adequate? Typ Journal Article
  Jahr 1996 Publikation Ambio Kurztitel der Zeitschrift  
  Band 25 Ausgabe 8 Seiten 510-516  
  Zusammenfassung On a European scale, the critical load concept has been generally accepted as the basis for abatement strategies to reduce or prevent damage to the functioning and vitality of forest ecosystems caused by transboundary acidic deposition, The aim of this paper is to review the scientific background and assumptions of the simple steady-state critical load model. The current use and validity of the base cation/aluminum ratio as the chemical criterion is discussed and the lack of well defined biological criteria is highlighted. Ground-layer plant species, mycorrhizal fungi and soil animals should be considered as more sensitive indicators of acidic deposition. In particular, there is need for a more dynamic approach which takes into account the temporal and spatial variability of ecosystems, rhizosphere complexity and the functional relationships between soil organisms  
  Organisation Abschlussarbeit  
  Herausgeber Erscheinungsort Editor  
  Sprache Sprache der Zusammenfassung Originaltitel  
  Editor der Reihe Titel der Reihe Kurztitel der Reihe  
  Band der Reihe Ausgabe der Reihe Edition  
  ISSN 0044-7447 ISBN Medium  
  Bereich Expedition Konferenz  
  Notizen J 70 Geprüft nein  
  Rufnummer LWF @ daniel.morovitz @ 17 Signatur 403  
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